Integration with Flurry Analytics SDK

Integration with Flurry Analytics SDK
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Hi guys,

I’ve used Flurry Analytics SDK in my last project ( and thought that I’d share source code how I integrated it.

Basically I just did a wrapper for Objective-C code and JNI code. You can see it here:

However, there is one problem with JNI - it doesn’t log events with parameters, although, it creates HashMap and passes it correctly, but events just don’t show up in Flurry.

May be somebody could help with it and pick it up to complete the rest of the methods (I just filled those that I used, especially for JNI).

Oh, and I decided to start flurry sessions no with this wrapper but in Java and Objective-C code, as they have some differences (like, calling in OnPause method of activity).


Thanks Dmitry, I add this thread into [[HowTos]] wiki page.


great work。thank you for your share