Integrate Android Leaderboard in cocos2dx project

Integrate Android Leaderboard in cocos2dx project
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Hello Everyone,

I have created one game, In which I want to integrate android leaderboard with cocos2dx project. I have googled all around, but no luck. Please any one have any code snippet or example project then it will be very helpful to me.



try this one. Its very good



Thanks for your reply. @lazydevx
And also this url helps me to understand the thing.

Thanks :slight_smile:


@lazydevx wrote:

try this one. Its very good

Are there any tutorials/samples? Thanks


You can also use google game service.
See this thread it will help you.


Could anyone give some help?
Need to figure out how to implement the leaderboard only.

I tried to work with avalon but no luck. (I use Visual Studio on win32 platform)
No document for any sample code. Even don’t know how to startup the basic feature.


do you found any solution?
i am stuck in the same problem i developed a sample game using cocos2dx3.0beta2 and now i want to integrate leaderboard and achioevements.


I’ve known that but can you show me a tutorial about it. Thanks


You can go through with App42 LeaderBoard API, you can use various APIs to build interesting LeaderBoard in your application e.g Social, Global, Date Basis. Their LeaderBoard solution works across platform e.g. Cocos2dx, Native iOS, Android, WP8, etc.

You can download Cocos2dx SDK.