Integrate a new plugin with plugin-x on iOS

Integrate a new plugin with plugin-x on iOS
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Hi all,

i’ve been working some days with plugin-x and its examples on iOS. Actually there is only one example on the repo: “HelloPlugins”.
I tried to open the HelloPlugins project, and It didn’t worked, so I opened the workspace: plugin-x_ios.workspace. There all worked fine and it runs on iPhone simulator.

I am trying to integrate iSpeech plugin to my app and it is done for Android, and it works well. But it was done by another person, so I am trying from the beggining to do it. I just tried to create the plugin and then add it to HelloPlugins project to test if all with iSpeech goes well. I have discovered that HelloPlugins has several plugins projects, and the PluginProtocol project, where it seems all plugins go together to the cpp code.
At line 80, the system receives the plugin name (seems a class name) and it creates a class from it.
One of my questions is: which class should I create there? which string should be sent when calling the loadingPluging() method?

In the AdsFlurry project the string sent is AdsMob, and at PlugingProtocol project there is no such class, so the info about the class should come from another point. I thought that maybe running the tools something external of the project should be created, but all inside there speaks about android, and nothing for ios.

I am sending the “iSpeech” name class but obj initiates as null, and with others plugins initiates in the right way. It seems I am forgetting something, but I don’t know what should be done there.

thank you everyone who could help.


Do I have to run any script for create some bindings or something similar?


Hi, you should eventually run this script to get the bindings: tools/

Check the other steps here: