In Game Screen Re-Orientation and Detection

In Game Screen Re-Orientation and Detection
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I have been looking around for screen orientation and detection. Was hoping some one could confirm something for me.

If I want cross platform screen orientation notifications of change. Then I need to write it for each platform then write a hook into the game. Is that right?


Has anyone come up with a way to detect orientation ?

I’m using 3.1.1 - I scanned through the API docs and couldn’t find a way…there are some wonderful methods on GLView called getDeviceOrientation…but it’s only in the API docs, not actually available in 3.1.1.

Can someone confirm (or not) that orientation tracking/detection now needs to be done OUTSIDE of cocos2d-x? (i.e. we need to right our own, platform specific, management code for detecting and being notified of orientation changes?)