Implement Scroll view like iframe in html5

Implement Scroll view like iframe in html5
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How to implement scroll view like iframe in html.I have some paragraph text and the space is small so i want to implement scroll view in that space so if i scroll i can read whole text and also implement some button events on the text.


Hi Abhiram

You can try our UIWidgets, we have a UIScrollView class for your intention, it’s located in “extensions/CocoStudio/GUI/UIWidgets/ScrollWidget/UIScrollView”. I know, it’s a little bit deep … We will change this soon.

If you want some example to use this class, you can refer to the test cases: “samples/CocoStudioTest/GUITest/UIScrollViewTest”

If this class is no help for you, please let us know what your use case with ScrollView, all feedbacks are welcome too.


Is there a programmatic approach for getting something like a mini scroll bar to represent progress in ScrollView?