Images not loading for res independent (2.1.1 Beta3)

Images not loading for res independent (2.1.1 Beta3)
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OK I’ve followed the instructions from [[Mechanism_of_loading_resources]] but my images are not loading. Here is some code.

static Resource smallResource = { cocos2d::CCSizeMake(480, 320), "480res" }; static Resource mediumResource = { cocos2d::CCSizeMake(1024, 768), "1024res" }; static Resource largeResource = { cocos2d::CCSizeMake(2048, 1536), "2048res" }; static cocos2d::CCSize designResolutionSize = cocos2d::CCSizeMake(480, 320);

bool AppDelegate::applicationDidFinishLaunching()
    // initialize director
    CCDirector *pDirector = CCDirector::sharedDirector();

   // Set up resolution independent guff
   CCEGLView* pEGLView = CCEGLView::sharedOpenGLView();
   pEGLView->setDesignResolutionSize(designResolutionSize.width, designResolutionSize.height, kResolutionNoBorder);

   CCSize frameSize = pEGLView->getFrameSize();

   // In this demo, we select resource according to the frame's height.
   // If the resource size is different from design resolution size, you need to set contentScaleFactor.
   // We use the ratio of resource's height to the height of design resolution,
   // this can make sure that the resource's height could fit for the height of design resolution.

   std::vector paths;
   // if the frame's height is larger than the height of medium resource size, select large resource.
   if (frameSize.height > mediumResource.size.height)
   // if the frame's height is larger than the height of small resource size, select medium resource.
   else if (frameSize.height > smallResource.size.height)
   // if the frame's height is smaller than the height of medium resource size, select small resource.


I have 3 directories, 480res, 1024res and 2048res residing under a folder called ‘images’. That folder has been added as a reference (Tried also without reference and it’s the same) to my project. The sprite creation is

@ CCSprite *circle = CCSprite::create(“images/circle.png”);@ and that is failing.

If I place the 480res etc under Resources, and set my search path to something like “Resources/480res” that fails also but it loads the 2048 resolution image sometimes and othertimes nothing.

Any ideas?