Images Managing

Images Managing
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I have asimple question, but I didn’t found any answers in internet for this. I know that Xcode using file name prefix as 2x for hi-res images and ~iphone/ipad for specific devices. Also I found that cocos2d uses "hd" prefix instead of2x but did it have some analog for ~iphone\ipad prefixes?

We planned to deploy application to deveices :

iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS (480x320) - non retina.
iPhone 4, iPhone 4S (960x640) - retina.
iPad2, iPad (1024x768) - non retina.
iPad3 (2048x1536) - retina.

So how many variants of one graphic file we need to create? And how it should be handled in code?



Cocos2d-x using these prefixes

iPhone4, 4S - hd
iPad - ipad
new iPad - ipadhd


Thanks,Nikolai. So, files should be like : BaseName-hd, BaseName-ipad, BaseName-ipadhd?


Yep :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot.(/)