images in different screen sizes for android



this is my first game trying to create for Android with cocos2d-x and I would like to ask some questions now that I design it.

For example, I have a background image that is 480*320 and a character that is 32*32.

1.What happens in the different screen sizes in Android? Does it automatically scaled?
2. if I want to use a dimension as my basis, what do you suggest? I mean what dimensions should I design my graphics first?
3. I have seen in this page [[]] that you can define the various resources like this:

static Resource smallResource = { cocos2d::CCSizeMake(480, 320), “iphone” };
static Resource mediumResource = { cocos2d::CCSizeMake(1024, 768), “ipad” };
static Resource largeResource = { cocos2d::CCSizeMake(2048, 1536), “ipadhd” };

what dimension should I use for Android equivalent small,medium, and so on…

What do you suggest?

Thanks and sorry if it might seem newbie. Although I have created android apps, none of the is a game and graphics were not the basic part of the design so I just used one resource folder.




  1. The assets will be scaled, but if you use low resolution images like that, they will look pixelised on higher resolution devices
  2. The highest resolution you plan to support. Currently, as far as I know, it’s the Nexus 10 with a 2560 x 1600 resolution. Downscaling graphics is easy. Upscaling is not. The best is to use vectorial graphics. That way, if you later find yourself needing higher resolution, you just have to re-export the graphics.
  3. I generally use those one for iOS/Android projets. What’s important is to have distinct resources for low, medium and high resolution devices, so that graphics looks good on higher resolution devices, while not using up all the memory on lower-end devices.

Otherwise, I’d probably go with :
small = 480x320
medium = 1280x800
large = 2560x1600
Since 1280x800 is one of the most common resolution.