I'm searching for Ads provider API with shrink & slide transition effect

I'm searching for Ads provider API with shrink & slide transition effect
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Hi, in some games (i.e. ToyDefense , TowerMadness ) you can find nicely done Ads that cover more of the screen and have very nice transition effect :

  • unshrink and slide ads view from left to the screen center and then slides to right (when dismissed) , and shrinks again
    Ads do not take full screen but about 80% off it, and has nice border and close button. I was checking Admob and inner-active and cannot find API to achieve something like this (see attached image ).
    Because its looks the same in many games I think that it is not custom made UIView but some public available API from Ads provider.

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Chartboost are the ones your looking for I use them in my app and they work really well. There is already a cocos2D-x wrapper for chartboost which can be found by looking on the hub section however I found that it had issues with ads on android being laggy. I fixed this issue by creating my own wrapper for chartboost with support for the latest chartboost sdk which I hope to release to everyone soon. It’s not hard to make a wrapper especially for iPhone.

Check out Chartboost at


Here is my new Chartboost wrapper. Its not fully documented yet, sorry about that. It may not include every feature of Chartboost but it has all the important ones.

I have only documented IOS integration so far as I have been very busy making my own game but the android code is all there so you could work it out from the code.



Thank you very much :), I’ll test this in next week and give you feedback.


Just took a look at my android code and realised that it isn’t very easy to work out and adapt to your own project so I’m working on making it much easier to use. The iPhone one should be all good.