[IE10 & Mobile] Hints and Tips :D

[IE10 & Mobile] Hints and Tips :D
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Hey guys, as I have posted here before I got some problems when running my game for the 1st time into IE.

Well in fact we have learned some “caracteristics”, here they go:

If you are changing the CCLoader.js with a custom loader, be aware that you must use an JPG image in base64. PNG imgs work fine in Chrome, but they don’t in IE.

If you do remove the CCLoader and try to start your game by a custom scene, all touchs and cclicks will not work. Even you app is running (with music and animations) all user interaction will not work.

In IE10 you app mostly will not work if you try to run it locally, XML loader breaks when doing that.

DO NOT USE getTexture().getContentSize, this breaks the running of the game into mobile browsers, instead use getBoundingBox().size.

I am trying to use setColor into sprites, but they do not work in IE or Mobile Browsers… Not exactly sure why…

I would suggest the plp from cocos2d-html5 to add json as a loader into the CCLoader, at the XML type, they work perfect in mobile browsers, jsb, and everything else :P.

NB: The performance of the WP8 Canvas is amazing.


Thanks for your insights!