I want pvr ccz used in android os.

I want pvr ccz used in android os.
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hi all.

how to use pvr.ccz in android os.


use it like how u use to load .png file. They automatic reads the file extension and find the proper decoder.


Depending on how you create the pvr file (i.e. if you use the texture compression feature), you may not be able to use the format on Android.
PVRTC is a proprietary texture compression format used by PowerVR GPU’s (nearly all Texas Instruments SoC’s, some Samsung phones).
It will not work on devices with a Tegra or Adreno Chipset (all Qualcomm based SoC’s)

See http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/graphics/opengl.html#textures


The only safe texture format for Android is ETC1.
No support for alpha though.



Why Cocos2dx Only Allow iOS for loading PVRTCv2 and PVRTCv4 texture encoding format ?