I really wonder how to begin... Please I need help!

I really wonder how to begin... Please I need help!
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Hello everyone.

I’m a beginner programmer and I know now Javascript, C and the C++ being my favorite one (and the one I wanna use) .

I’m a Linux user and I really don’t know how to begin, remember of read something about setting up the cocos 2DX on Eclipse but didn’t understand a lot about it.

I’ve downloaded the ADT Bundle, the Standard Eclipse and the Cocos2DX 2.2.2. What would be the next step?

I’m here now because I’m desperate and would like (for real!) that a good soul explain clearly how to set everything and get it ready for me to go on and code my games.

This is a dream and I want to be a great game developer, so, I need help.

PS: Oh, and I’m from Brazil (sorry about my english, if anything) and graduating with Computer Science degree (1st year, so I’m beginning OOP now), so I can understand some things. Thanks, guys!


if you want to use C++ for cocos2d , then i suggest you to use cocos2d-x version 3.0 instead on 2.2.3 because it will be easier to understand and also it supports c++11.

I am writing simple tutorials for cocos2d-x, so that new people can quickly run some code and see what happens inside cocos2d-x. you can find them here:

May b this can you.


Oh, I’m going to check your tutorials then, thank you!



You can refer to this page( https://github.com/cocos2d/cocos-docs/blob/master/catalog/en.md ) for more information.

All of the tutorials on the repo should be kept up to date.

If there are any tutorials which are not clear, obscure or totally messy. Please open a ticket on github issue.

The engine team will correct it.

There is also a youtube channel, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/sonarsystemslimited/playlists

I hope you could enjoy coding games with cocos2d-x.


Also check this post with Tutorial links:


thank you guys, really, for me helping me out! Gonna check out all those links! :smiley: