I need your games for a lecture!

I need your games for a lecture!
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Hey guys,

I’m doing a lecture on game development using Cocos2D-x this coming weekend and I’d like to show some games as an example of what can be achieved, if people are happy to let me show them of course.
If you want me to show your game please feel free to either respond to this thread with a link to your game and a short description, or drop me an email with the information on tim@lazywombat.co.uk, or you can catch me on twitter @timrichardsn

Alternatively if people know a great game that was built using Cocos2D-x, please feel free to include that as well.



This LINK listed top games using cocos2d-x.
For example:
* Wooga’s Diamond Dash;
* Glu’s Small Street, Small City;
* Konami’s Contra;
* TinyCo’s Tiny Village, Tiny Zoo, Tiny Monsters;
* Gamevil’s ZENONIA 5, which I has spent $100 on a berserker in it, great game;
* Punchbox’s FishingJoy 1 and FishingJoy 2, which is the top revenue mobile game in China from both iOS and Android.
* Locojoy’s I’m MT online, currently occupying top grossing No.1 in AppStore China region.


Here are some game prototypes that I’ve built using Cocos2d-x.


Since this a windows build the WASD keys allow for movement in most prototypes and in the Catacomb SP you can shoot by clicking the bottom right of the screen. The HTTP Log prototype is not a working demo in this build. The graphics are property of their respective owners and only used for educational purposes.