I have a problem of "TileMap"

I have a problem of "TileMap"
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I want to editor a map. When I add to cocos2d, these tile layers are visible.But these object layers don’t be visible. Why? thanks!

Possible TileMap bug: tileAt and setTileGID

hello, if you attached your codes and the tmx file, that will be helpful.


Ok. There is a object layer.


The object layer can insert object and insert tile object. and cocos2d can’t support “insert tile object”?


cocos2d-x supports “insert tile object”, i don’t know how you get and use the object,
you could refer to TileMapTest first, “TMXOrthoObjectsTest” has showed how to use tmx objects.


I have read “TMXOrthoObjectsTest”. the test draw a rectangle by use “x”, “y”, “width”, “height” of “insert object”. In the “insert tile object” (not “insert object”). there is a “gid” target.Then I see the parser process, there is not to parser “gid” key.My version of cocos2d is 0.9.1


Yes, it does not paser grid field. What does the xml tilemap file generated? I am not sure it is supported by cocos2d-iphone.


Yes, the laster Tiled Map Editor is Version 0.7.0! And the cocos2d-iphone parser code is version 0.6.0!


So it is.


How can i make a tile map layer invisible?