I found the Tutorials have a mistake!!!

I found the Tutorials have a mistake!!!
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at the “Chapter 2 - How to Add a sprite”
in this line “class HelloWorld : public cocos2d::CCColorLayer”,
and “if ( CCColorLayer::initWithColor( ccc4(255,255,255,255) ) )”

the “CCColorLayer” must could be “CCLayerColor”!

another:I use winxp+vs2010
at the “Chapter 3 - How to Move a sprite”
in this line “void HelloWorld::gameLogic(ccTime dt)”
I modify “ccTime” to “float” could pass compile.or else could not.

at the “Chapter 5 - How to Detect the Collisions”
in this line “taget->setTag(1);”
the “taget” could be “target”



  1. as declared in the header file, CCColorLayer has been removed in the latest version:
    /*** CCColorLayer
    It is the same as CCLayerColor.
    @deprecated Use CCLayerColor instead. This class will be removed in v1.0.1
    class CC_DLL CCColorLayer : public CCLayerColor

and the tutorials are based on version 0.8.5, when the tutorials are updated to the latest version, CCColorLayer will be replaced.

  1. if you couldn’t compile successfully, you try in this way: include “ccTypes.h”, and use ccTime as “cocos2d::ccTime”

  2. yeap, this is a mistake, i have corrected it, thank you.