I found Bug #435 maybe still exists in 0.8.3

I found Bug #435 maybe still exists in 0.8.3
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I have reported bug #435 and the log showed it was fixed in 0.8.2.

We updated to 0.8.3 today, and find similar issue as before.

I exit my iOS application by pressing Home button, and reentry the app by click the icon. My app always start from first page. If I remove the play sound and play music functions, my app can start from the page I exited when I pressed the home.

Maybe the problem still there?


I just ran tests in 0.8.3, it works well.
You can try this: run tests, enter CocosDenshionTest, play background, press home key. re-click cocos2d icon, enter the tests program, you can see it’s still in CocosDenshion Test page, and the music continues from the point it paused.


Oh, this is our fault.
After double checking merging work, it works well now.

Thanks a lot.