i develop android with mac,but how can debug,please,thank you

i develop android with mac,but how can debug,please,thank you
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hello,everyone,i develop android with mac,Write code form file of Class with C++,but how can debug,please,thank you

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I think there are many ways:

  1. debug your codes platform independent with xcode, like HellWorld. Then there may be but platform dependent.
  2. use CCLog() to print log
  3. use ndk-stack to translate stack info to readable text
  4. may be you can refer http://www.cocos2d-x.org/boards/6/topics/567, some developer used eclipse to debug java/c++ codes.


thank you very much


We just finished our first android port from being just iOS/Mac development. We used Xcode to do all the C++ coding and would test on iPad/iPhone, then would run eclipse to just do the android builds and testing on that. We would sometimes have to do some java debugging using custom jni in eclipse, which was a nightmare. So If you’re familiar with Xcode, build the android/iphone dual project (in the wiki), and do your dev / testing in there, and then anything that is java / android specific you can test in eclipse. Using just eclipse alone for me was horrible, but I’m an apple dev.