[HTML5] GitHub Game-off 2013 entries

[HTML5] GitHub Game-off 2013 entries
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Hi, so the GitHub Game-off 2013 ( https://github.com/github/game-off-2013 ) is about to end and I was wondering if anyone besides myself used cocos2d-html5 as the engine for a game.

In my case I’ve made an entry called “Laberinto” you can play it here: http://proto.heart-bit.com.ar/laberinto/
and the source code is here: https://github.com/ZippoLag/game-off-2013

PS: coincidentially, the contest’s theme was “change” which was also oneGameAMonth’s theme for november! http://onegameamonth.com/

How to implement a messagebox?

Support you here,I’m also using -html5 engine for game develop,but seen current less people using it.

Just play your game,not bad;)