Html game not working on amazon kindle

Html game not working on amazon kindle
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My game is not working on kindle when i tried to test it on kindle using adobe edge inspect.
Iam able to open it in the desktop browser and run it.But when i simulate it on kindle its not working it is simply giving me blank screen.But when i look at the developer tools all the files are being loaded but the screen is looking blank.

Attached are the scrren shots of amazon kindle and pc browser.
The blank scrren is the game screen where its not loading and the same with loading on pc is attached.

gamescreen.png (113.9 KB)

2014-02-07_19.33.17_L_AMAZON KINDLE FIRE.png (26.2 KB)

2014-02-07_19.33.30_L_AMAZON KINDLE FIRE.png (3.2 KB)


Hi, Abhiram

We didn’t tested our engine on Kindle Fire, but we’d like to know if it would work.
Which browser did you use for testing your web page?
Have you tested other web page with canvas?
If the console of Adobe Edge Inspector report any issue?



I have used the default browser of amazon kindle as i think it only supports inbuilt browser.
What do you mean by other pages with canvas??
No its not giving any error in the console.Its loading all the files when i inspect using developer tools but giving blank screen at the end.


What model of kindle are you using exactly? What OS and what version is it running? And what version of the browser is it as well?

You have to first check if the device can actually handle HTML5.


Yes, I mean have you tested such page on your kindle fire?

On this page, all bloc marked “live sample” should be the same result as the “screen shot” on their left.


yes.I have checked the link and opened it in kindle fire.

It was showing the screen as it was.The live sample is being displayed.

My kindle version is kindle fire 2011.The first edition in kindle fire.

I think the device can handle html5.


In this case, it’s strange that it doesn’t show any errors on console.
In the console, can you try to execute javascript?

Here is something you can try:

  1. Run the hello world project on your kindle fire to see if it works
  2. Print some system informations, e.g.

If I can find kindle fire device, I will also test on it.