HTC Wildfire S Sound Issues

HTC Wildfire S Sound Issues
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I am being plagued by a crash on the HTC Wildefire S that seems to be associated with sound. Thus far neither google nor colleagues have an answer. I have tried switching to oggs (we use mp3 & wav), tried downsampling, using ndk-gdb, releasing the SoundPool (via SimpleAudioEngine->end()), along with other things with no success. Its frequency increases with the frequency of sounds, however having only one sound doesn’t not eliminate the crash. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or experiences with audio crashes on this android device I am getting desperate to fix it (i.e. without simply turning off the sound).


The same case happened on Samsung i9100. It seems that the devices’ drive itself has a bug.
In v2.0.2, 2dx use OpenSL instead, you can find the source code in CocosDenshion and apply it on your HTC Wildfire, the document is here [[Use OpenSL ES to play effect on Android]], have a try.


Does the current code only work for audio files within the APK? Possibly there is some other error in my code, however it can’t find audio files that are downloaded for playback (which also causes a crash).


Unfortunately using OpenSL ES doesn’t seem to resolve this issue.