How to use my own font

How to use my own font
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var label2 = cc.LabelBMFont.create(“Error\n\nSome error message”,s_bitmapFontTest3_fnt);
label2.setAnchorPoint(cc.p(0.5, 0.5));
this.addChild(label2, 0, TAG_BITMAP_ATLAS2);
var s = label2.getContentSize();
cc.log(“content size:” + s.width + “,” + s.height);

I copy these code from the Samples/Tests and I copy the fonts folder into my res folder.but it doesn’t work

the console always show this:
“cc.BMFontConfiguration._parseConfigFile)(: Error parsing FNTfile
res/fonts/bitmapFontTest3.fnt CCCommon.js:145
cc.LabelBMFont.initWithString(): Impossible to create font. Please check file”


i was fiddling around with LabelBMFont, no issues.

Do you have the fnt file generated using tools like BMFont and have it placed in that specific folder?