How to use CCMask?


I’m new with the Cocos2d-x framework and not fluent in C*+ yet, so far I’ve been finding the Lua binding a quite smooth entrance to the framework to start with. But to approach CCMask I understand I might need to stick with C**. I’ve been reading all I can about the CCMask class that I’ve come across. I’ve tried to approach it with pure C*+ but my knowledge is limited.

Testing with version 2.1beta3 and 2.0rc2 of Cocos2d-x.
If I try to use the CCMask class, XCode says CCMask in Cocos2D it doesn’t exsist / undeclared, so I try to integrate it myself by creating the CCMask.h and CCMask.cpp files in the Classes folder but then it tells me that I’m redeclaring it and it already exsists.


Is CCMask integrated yet? If so, a basic C++ example of creating a sprite and masking it would be greatly appreciated. Even better if possible with Lua.


You should add

#ifndef  xxxxxx
#define xxxxxx

at the begin of header file, and

#endif // xxxxxx

at the end of header file.