How to use CCFileUtilsIOS and CCFileUtilsMac

How to use CCFileUtilsIOS and CCFileUtilsMac
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/* The subclass CCFileUtilsIOS and CCFileUtilsMac should override these two method. */
CCDictionary* CCFileUtils::createCCDictionaryWithContentsOfFile(const std::string& filename) {return NULL;}
bool CCFileUtils::writeToFile(cocos2d::CCDictionary *dict, const std::string &fullPath) {return NULL;}
CCArray* CCFileUtils::createCCArrayWithContentsOfFile(const std::string& filename) {return NULL;}


i have to use these 3 methods,so i must use CCFileUtilsIOS.
i’ve found CCFileUtilsIOS.h and try my best. but i still can’t find the current way to use them.
i hope someone who’ve successfully use them can help me


Checkout FileUtilsTest.cpp