how to test app on actual iphone device?

how to test app on actual iphone device?
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Good day to all!

I would like to ask if there is any tutorial or step by step process
to test an app in an iphone device? I have the UID of the iphone, where am I
going to use it?

Any help or link to tutorials is appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile:


In order to test and export to an Apple device, you must have a Mac with Xcode. In Xcode, you just plug your device on the mac and run the project. If you do not have the device on hand, you can export it as IPA and send it over to your tester.

I’m not sure how to export to iOS without Mac, though.


yes I have a mac with xCode in it, So I wouldn’t really need the UID, just plug and test similar to android and eclipse? Ok, will test later your
answer after I have recieved the apple device, Thanks!


Your project also needs to have a Developer’s Profile which you can get on the Apple Developer Portal. You need the profile to load your game in a real device.


The big deal is to have a developer profile, actually.

For that, you need to have an iOS developer account (if you are a student, check if the place you study at can give you one for free. Else you’ll have to pay 99$/year).

With that, go on the provisionning portal, and create a certificate (which is used to sign the application) and install it on your computer. You also need to add the device to the portal, with your UDID.

With both the certificate and the device registered, you can create a provisionning profile for your application (or just use the wildcard one). Be sure to check that the provisionning profile App ID match the one in your Info.plist, else XCode won’t accept it.

Those steps are very confusing the first time, hopefully this will give you an overview of what you have to do. I recommend reading the documentation on iOS provisionning portal, which gives very detailed step for each of those.


ahhh… now it seems clear, the UDID is actually really needed, Thanks! Will read that documentation
you mentioned :slight_smile: