How to setup and let eclipse compile it?

How to setup and let eclipse compile it?
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In windows, I usually use these steps to run an android project:

  1. Use create-android-project.bat making
  2. Use cygwin console running the in the project to build
  3. Use eclipse to package the apk, and run it in my phone.

According to ,The step 2 and 3 can be both done in eclipse with CDT, so I tried, and sucessed in the sample projects(TestCpp and HelloCpp).

But when I want to compile a project created by the create-android-project.bat in this way, it cann’t be done. I noticed the “.project” file in the sample projects is very complex, and there’s another “.cproject” file. I think they are the key.

My question is, how to generate them? Or how to Setup the my project to make it can be compiled by eclipse?


You can setup builder for you,reference material : or


There has a new way of creating projects…
Go to tools/project-creator/

Well, you need to install python.
Check this out