How to set the font of a gui::Text ?

How to set the font of a gui::Text ?
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Hi guys,

As the title says, how do I set the font of the gui::Text ?
I’ve tried the following way:
auto font = FileUtils::getInstance()>fullPathForFilename;
>setFontName(font);@ <— didn’t work
uiLabel~~>setFontName;@ <— didn’t work
uiLabel~~>setFontName(“wt021”);@ <— didn’t work

Not sure if this is a bug. I hope I’m completely wrong and just don’t know how to do it correctly. Please someone, show me how it’s done. Thank you!

Post note: Attached is an image of the resulting text compared to Label with the supposed font.

uiText font shinanigans.jpg (127.3 KB)