how to return to normal after a CCWaves effect ?

how to return to normal after a CCWaves effect ?
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I’m applying a CCWaves effect, it’s working good,
but then i can’t get back to a “non-waved” picture.
anyone has an idea why ?
i’m using this code:

CCActionInterval* action2= CCWaves::create(2, CCSizeMake(16,12), 4, 20, true, true);
CCActionInterval* action3=action2~~>reverse;
_batchNode~~>runAction(CCSequence::create( action2, action3, NULL));


could I get help on this ?
is the only way to destroy the batchNode ?


Maybe you need to store a copy of the batch somewhere in another variable and replace it when it’s done?


I have the same problem, anyone knows?

Also I have another problem, when I launch the effect, the frames rate drop down, and frames keep down even when the effect has finished.


Ok, solution found.
To return to the original state there is another action: CCStopGrid

Calling this function also solved the the frame rate problem, so evidently the grid action is still in memory even when the action stops.

CCWaves *waves = CCWaves::create(10, CCSizeMake(10,10), 4, 20, true, true);
CCStopGrid *stopWaves = CCStopGrid::create();
CCSequence *seq = CCSequence::create(waves,stopWaves,NULL);