how to open a url in cocos2d-x?

how to open a url in cocos2d-x?
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in cocos2d/ios, use [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:] to open a url,
how should i do this in cocos2d-x?



I think you can use it in cocos2d-x too, because c++ can invoke object-c in a .mm file.


thanks a lot,
but if i use this with .mm file, the code can only run in ios platform, when port to android and other os, i need to change this code for diffent os.

is it that?

Is there a way cross platforms?



How about libcurl?


can libcurl only open a url in browser? not to receive the response.

i have checked the CurlTest in tests,but it will try to get a reponse.



I think you should refer the official site of libcurl for more information.
It can be used for http communication.


Necropost! How are you sopposed to call this function using a c*+ iOS project? I am unable to call it either in its original for or c*+ized


I’m also intrested in opening url on iOS from cocos2d-x. I’m new to obj-c. Can anyone explain how can I call obj-c functions from cocos2d-x?


check this out


You need to rename you source file from .cpp, after that you will be able to make ObjC calls.