How to move sprite to position

How to move sprite to position
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i want to move a sprite to a position which i touch.
that`s my code but it crashes I don`t why
i want to move a sprite by touching the screen to that point but my app crashes

public class GameLayer extends CCLayer {

static final int kTagSprite = 1;
public static CCScene scene()

CCScene scene = CCScene.node();
CCLayer layer = new GameLayer();


return scene;

protected GameLayer()

CCSprite player2 = CCSprite.sprite(“Yellow.png”) ;
player2.setPosition(CGPoint.ccp(150 , 150));

addChild(player2 , kTagSprite );


public boolean ccTouchesBegan(MotionEvent event) {
//create point takes coordinates of touch
CGPoint convertedLocation = CCDirector.sharedDirector()
.convertToGL(CGPoint.make(event.getX(), event.getY()));

CCNode s = getChild(kTagSprite);
s.runAction(CCMoveTo.action(1.0f, convertedLocation));

return CCTouchDispatcher.kEventHandled;