how to make a plist file that use by the function "addAnimationsWithFile(const char* plist)"

how to make a plist file that use by the function "addAnimationsWithFile(const char* plist)"
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The example show that animation can be add with a plist file, but how can I make it by notepad, is there any tools like the way texturepacker to make a texture?


nobody knows?


Can you not just make it in xcode? its got a good plist editor.
you can edit it in notepad or any xml editor - plist files are basically very convoluted xml.
use the cppTests an example?

Im not sure about any tools that do this- its always been quicker for me to do it in xcode because it doesn’t need regular changing unless you dramatically change your animations a lot, or the naming convention is particularly unintuitive.


hey, I use VS in windows most of the time, so I suspect that there will have some other tools to do it without XCode or notepad


its just that cocos2d-x uses apple’s own plist format from the cocos2d-iphone version.

I dont know if there is any other solution…
you can certainly use an xml editor - the amount of tags is just a bit excessive.

also, if your brave, wikipedia yielded a link to a chinese(?) website with an exporter for microsoft excel… if you can get that working, (in “see also” section)


as does google

Hope that helped!