How to load PVRTC properly [SOLVED]

How to load PVRTC properly [SOLVED]
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Hi. I’m loading a PVRTC image using CCTextureCache::sharedTextureCache()~~>addPVRTCImage
but my image appears to be broken.

but it looks ok in PVRTexTool. My image info:
~~ 1024 x 1024

  • has premultiplied alpha
  • PVRTC 4bpp
  • no mip map
  • no vertical split

My code:
CCTexture2D *char_idle0 = CCTextureCache::sharedTextureCache()>addPVRTCImage;

Thus I’m thinking should be either my compression setting is wrong or something to do with the code.
Please help, I need PVRTC in-order to prevent my game to crash due to heavy memory usage. Thanks in advance.


I tried the usual ->addImage() method and cocos2dx tells me the file is invalid. I think the PVRTC images exported using PVRTexTool are not supported by cocos2dx. I will be buying texture packer and see whether it will work.


Hi. I have bought TexturePacker. It works very well.

Conclusion: If you consider using PVRTexTool, only the uncompressed PVR format works well on cocos2dx, the compressed formats (such as 4bpp) are not supported.

Thank you for your time for reading my post.