how to learn cocos2dx

how to learn cocos2dx
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the faster,the better。I hope to build a game that running in pc within a week。(i spend two years in c++)
today,i have the following questions:
1,cocos2dx 2.2 or cocos2dx 3.0?

2,where is a example game with source for me learning?

3,is there any books useful?

thats all,thanks a lot。

  1. cocos2d-x 2.2
  2. Reading articles of Ray Wenderich is good to start.
  3. I didn’t read any books.


@gsygsygsyd good question. I plan to Sort out a line to learn cocos2dx


@gsygsygsyd If it’s just one game and really in one week, then I agree with dalinaum

But if it is longer term I’d take the plunge and go 3.0 - there’s certainly less documentation, but generally it’s not toooooo hard to use ‘old’ tutorials and examples.

The best place to look for how to do things is in the test programs that come with the download - there’s enough code tehre to keep you busy for way more than a week, though ;_