How to implement muti-language in cocos2d-x?

How to implement muti-language in cocos2d-x?
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I’m now trying to port a project from objc to c*+ based on cocos2d-x using vs2010.
Recently I encountered a problem,That’s the code in oc below:
*NSString *wizard_str = NSLocalizedStringFromTable("MAGE",“localGlobal”, nil);+
After googling I find out that it’s a method to implement multi-language on IOS.
But in cocos2d-x using c++ what can I do to realize it?
Someone please help me.


You probably need to implement it by yourself, you could save one language configuration in one plist file.
And write a function similar as NSLocalizedStringFromTable to load the relative plist files in runtime.


OK,I’ll have a try,thanks!