How to get a woPhone

How to get a woPhone
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We are developing a game using cocos2d-x engine and we are very interested to test the game in woPhone.

We’ve looked to get the mobile but we don’t know how to get it.

Any tip about how to get it?



Oh, terribly sorry, the WoPhone guys only focus on Chinese internal market now. Their mobile devices have not pure-English version, have no multi-language support, and the SDK, Simulator & Documents are also in Chinese only.
I don’t know why they do this …


Oh :frowning: Maybe in the future we should look for a Chinese associate.

Thanks Walzer.




I totally agree with you, haha


And we are NOT employs of China Unicom. Since there’re seldom posts in the sub forum, I’m considering to remove this sub forum





cocos2d-x focus on mobile platforms since 2D game engines are not too valuable on desktop system now.
My suggest for you is to use cocos2d-x with android environment on linux :slight_smile: