How to disable the PVRVFRAME window?

How to disable the PVRVFRAME window?
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My goal is to have the app run without showing the PVRVFRAME window, but I
just don’t know how to disable the PVRVFRAME window.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks.


On 0.7.0 & 0.7.1, we can’t implement this feature.
But after upgraded to cocos2d-iphone 0.99.5, cocos2d-win32 will base on OpenGL instead of OpenGL ES 1.1, and you can run without PVR window then.
Yesterday, all test cases of 0.99.5 is passed on cocos2d-uphone.
cocos2d-win32 0.99.5 will come out in 1~2 weeks.



it might help you.

Look at page 11



Or you can change registry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Imagination Technologies/PVRVFRame/STARTUP/hide_gui and change to YES.


Thanks to Jirka.

I create a issue( #373 ) for this.