How to debug cocos2d-x android project.

How to debug cocos2d-x android project.
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Hello, friends.
I have developed a game with cocos2d-x.
This game has multiplayer feature so for IOS it uses GameKit and for android it uses Samsung Chord SDK.
But this is the problem.
My network module sometimes crashes. But I can’t find the reason why my game crashes.
I have read the cocos2d-x Learn manual of debugging cocos2d-x android project.
I have done according to the manual but It doesn’t work.

It always shows …
Unknown Application ABI:
Please tell me what is the problem. ps:It is urgent.
Regards. Franz



I have found this:

Check it out, the solutions seems pretty simple.

Hope it helps


I can debug it with gdb but failed in eclipse.
About gdb, you could copy from project in samples dir located in cocos2d-x package, my local path:


of course you must have added NDK_DEBUG=1 and set the application in AndroidManifest.xml be DEBUG just like this:

using gdb, I can stop on breakpoint and saw the values and check the stack, it’s almost perfect but my team members need visual mode for debug.
BTW, the way which quick check stack is, it’s much helper.


oh, sorry, let’s back to Unknown Application ABI: I meet it some days ago when I try to debug with gdb, it seems OK after I added “APP_ABI := armeabi” in which under

And now, I saw it again when I try to make my game work in eclipse and still no way to clean it, hope anybody can tell us.
what we do now:

  1. import source code as new project.
  2. change it to c*+ project.
  3. select the android gcc as default compiler in c*+ toolchains setting.
  4. add ndk_debug=1 in make command.
  5. No NDK_MODULE_PATH defined and I moved all cocos2dx to $NDKROOT/sources, so compile seems ok.
  6. Unknown Application ABI: displayed in console but it seems just warning.
  7. debug as Native android application but errors as .


Thanks for your replay.:slight_smile:
But now I can see the erros like below
What is the problem?
I have done according to the manual in cocos2d-x .


Hi, Franz, your link help me much, I can go ahead now, debug is working.
I almost followed the steps one by one, although I didn’t use the I linked the resources and classes dir followed the docs, although I didn’t use Resources and my classes dir already have correct link.
I have no idea about your error, good luck, maybe other guys could give u a hand.


Hey. But I can’t debug my project yet. Please help me Red Zhen. Thanks.


maybe u could leave a IM id, let’s talk about it.


Sorry. I don’t know about IM id. Can you tel me about IM id please?