How to create project for win32 and android?

How to create project for win32 and android?
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Hello everyone.
I am a rookie and I have two questions about how to create project for win32 and android.
I can create the separate one.
However, I don’t know how to create them in same directory and share the the Resource and Classes as sample code did.

If I create the win32 project first and then create the android project with same name use create-android-project.bat. the all win32 things are moved in android directory automatically.

If you create the android project first . there is an error when VC creating the project: the file already exists. .

when I create the win32 project by cocos2d-x template for msvc. project files and Debug/Release.win32 are generated in root of project. I want to know how to put them in to win32 directory. and suggest modify the template …



hello, you’d better rewrite your problem in English, this is an english forum.
At present, if you create project in the same directory, you should remove classes and resources directory and win32 things out of the android directory.


ah…sorry for that.
cause my english is sucks…
I’ll modify it right away.

thanks for your help. I’ll try it.