How to create a game like Tiny Wings

How to create a game like Tiny Wings
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Just have a few questions about some of the requisites about doing this

in C++.

  1. How can I plug the following into Cocos2d-X

I’m not certain I’ll need all of them

  1. More coming…

How to create a game like Ski Safari?

These 3 libs are not required:
* CocosLive
* FontLabel
* touchJSON

This game Flying Turtle is almost the same as TinyWings, written by cocos2d-x. You can unzip it and see the required libraries in it


Thanks again Walzer, you’re awesome dude and I think that will help me immensely! I’ll let you know how things go


I actually had trouble finding the zip file you mentioned, could you tell me where to go to get the source? Thankyou :slight_smile:


First issue is tryign to convert this bit to C++, still a bit confused on the Objective C function definition. Is it redefining the CCSprite class?