How to contribute?

How to contribute?
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Our small studio has been using cocos2d-x for the past six months, we have made several modifications to cocos to reduce warning count and made several changes for the classes/framework to be const-correct. We recently updated to a new versions, and had to re-make many of those changes again for our code-base to work.

Const correctness is an important, and often overlooked, feature of C++ and other languages.
Compiling without warnings is another very good practice, and we would like to reduce the warning count in our builds so we can compile with warnings as errors, but going through the effort of fixing the warnings, just to update and have those changes reverted would be a waste of effort. How can we contribute these changes to the cocos builds so we can continue to update painlessly while keeping our code-base warning free and const-corrrect?



Thanks in advance!
You can send a “pull request” to repository.
The steps are:
# fork cocos2d/cocos2d-x repo to your own account on github
# commit and push your improvements code onto your forked repo
# send a “pull request” to upstream, I mean, cocos2d/cocos2d-x repo.
# then core developers will review, discuss and merge your modifications like this
Have fun :slight_smile:


I don’t have the time to commit to this without knowing these changes will indeed make it in in the cocos2d-x repo. It is a lot of work to make cocos const correct, which it should be. What happens if I spend my time doing this and then it doesn’t get accepted? Obviously, changes should be reviewed before just pulled into a major api like this, but I can’t spend my time on something that would be for nothing.


Tim, I think for the better side, you can commit sample of your your work_ (may be just a single class)_ and wait for the acceptance/rejection of the core developer. I hope acceptance of sample will give you and the core team a confidence to go ahead with rest of your hard work in a positive way _(still the review will happen)_. I think this will help the community a lot.


You can always work on your own fork :slight_smile: and you can always be up-to date with cocos :wink: