How to compile?


Hi, first of all, I’m really sorry if this is said somewhere explicitly, but after using the search funtion, reading the (outdated?) tutorials and HowTos and feeling that my brain is melting due to a lack of sleep I’m guessing:
a. everyone just assumes a certain skillset is possesed by people who are just starting to use cocos2d
b. there actually is a good source for the information I’m seeking but haven’t seen it
c. I’m getting it all wrong and what I want is not doable

So, after that brief (and unneccessary?) intro, here’s my question:

Provided I’ve downloaded cocos2d-html5-v2.1.5 and successfully tested the “helloHTML5World” application, and even the “moonWarriors” game, is there a way this javascript-based sources can be easily compiled to native applications for Windows/iOS/Android/etc?

Or is the cocos2d-html5 framework ONLY for browsers and it’s code can’t be used for mutltiplatform “native-app” development? (I keep seeing the term “javascript-bindings” thrown around, but I’m not sure I’m grasping it’s meaning)

Please keep in mind I have NO experience what-so-ever with cocos2d-x. I took a look at this post, but I’m puzzled as to how to actually run the examples:

BTW, I’m using a Windows7x64 machine for development, I have Python and Java installed (ant is refusing to work, I probably have something messed-up on my PATH), as well as a webserver runing. I tried the alpha for cocosino and it seems to do what I want (it runs it’s examples on a bundled iOS emulator), but I gives me some strange errors if I try to compile my own examples (albeit they run just fine in the browser).

Any and all help and advices will be greatly appreciated!

PS: I know I’m pushing my luck here, but this is actually just a small subset of the doubts I have, if anyone’s got enough experience and is feeling cooperative, please shed a look this way:


Maybe this article can help you,



Dingping Lv wrote:

Maybe this article can help you,


Thank you very much!

Sadly the article it’s a bit too Mac-centric at times (which has, in turn got me to try and find ways to develop for iOS without owning a Mac and it doesn’t look too good, but I’m confident I’ll find a way, eve if it’s setting up a VM), but the explanations are concise and it proves that what I want to do is possible!

I shall now focus on developing with cocos2d-html5 and only worry with deployment when the time comes.

PS: shouldn’t that link (as well as part 1) be added to the html-5 getting started wiki here?


Good suggestion, I have added it on our wiki.