How to change default Splash screen?

How to change default Splash screen?
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I’ve created project with cocos2d-html5 template and I wonder how to change the default splash screen? I know that file name is Default.png but where I can find it?

PS. Sorry if that topic exists but searching for “splash” gave me only results for C++ Framework.


You mean the loading screen with cocos2d logo. You must change the CCLoader.js file located on cocos2d folder. The draw:function render the logo and the a loading label…
Also on ctor:function () the logo src is encoded jpeg;base64. If you want to put a custom image there find a website base64 encoder online and give the path of the image you want on your website.
I hope this helps you.


Thank You very much for reply!
But I have one more question. I appended picture showing my project structure. I would like to /Art/Default.png was my splash screen picture so this path should I encode base64? I’ve encoded Art/Default.png and /Art/Default.png and it does not work.

Src property now is:
this._logo.src = “”;
What kind of path to the file should I encode?


I think you can’t encode a local path. Try to upload this picture on the web and then try to encode the link to that picture.



Thanks for your help!
I tried not to encode path to the file with base64, but just set the local path to it.
It was default: this.*logo.src = “………”
I tried: this.*logo.src = “Art/Default.png”;
And it works! It shows local image file.

PS. Why it is not documented? It’s rather basic and important thing.


I would like to add that you must use a JPG image. If you put a PNG image it will not be able to load into IE. :wink: