How to add template to Xcode ?

How to add template to Xcode ?
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I just downloaded 2.2.1 but I can’t find the script file to install the Xcode template. Where is it? Or how am I going to create the template for Xcode? Thanks

By the way, I’m using Xcode 5. I found one script to generate the template for Xcode 4.


First step: Download the latest Cocos2d-x:
Or the stable version at the official site:

Choose by preference but note that going with the latter means you won’t be able to experience the latest features. My suggestion is to download git tools and clone to local to update.

Second step: enter cocos2d-x\tools\project-creator via cmd terminal.

Run script with python

To do that, type in python p GameNamek Test t org.cocos2dx.gameNamel javascript

ps.if encountered with the error below, turn on the terminal and update the submodule.


Thanks for your reply. I made it by something like this:

python project MyApppackage -language cpp

But here comes the second question. What if I have multiple projects which share some of the source code? What is your suggestion how to organise the source code. (Is it possible to create static library which will be shared by multiple projects?)


One more question: how to specify the project path?


You cant with the script in V2.x. I think V3 has this as an option now.