how to add net to cocos2d-x?

how to add net to cocos2d-x?
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I want to dev a mmo poker game(Texas) on iphone,android,bada.
which net lib is best choose?
bsd socket
C++ socket library

1.I need xml or json support
2.username and passwd authenticator
3.md5 support?


  1. The net lib is depend on your server implement. I guess the socket communication is better for mmo games. So bsd socket is my choice.
  2. You can use libxml or tinyxml for xml parse
  3. There’s many open source josn lib on I recommend libjson
  4. authenticator & md5 is out of my knowledge

cocos2d-x would not integrate too much open projects to became “a fat platform”. You can use our engine to resolve graphic renderring and sound effects playback, then please integrate other open projects to your game to deal with network and so on.


For sockets you can take a look at Poco:

There is a module for tcpsockets. Here are some tips for building it for the iPhone:

For md5, you can probably also use Poco.