How to achieve cross-platform

How to achieve cross-platform
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I started to learn the cocos2d-html5 three months later.
And I wrote a very easy game. This is the link…

There are still many bugs.And I am still working on it.I spend a little longer because I am a green hand.I think cocos2d-html5 is a brillant html5 game engin.So I will keep learning it. And every time I ask for help in the forums.There is always someone to anwer me.I appreciate of it.Now I want to run my game in the Android and IOS.That’s why I learn html5. But I don’t know how to do it.I need tutorials.
And I live in China.I can’t open the youtube.
I am an intern.This is also my graduation project。By the way I am looking for the job
my QQ number: 867868181
if you have any advices please contact me.
Thank you


Hi, Jie

Thanks for your support cocos2d-html5. Great job in your game! It looks good, and smooth to play.
Have your tried to run your game directly on mobile safari or android browsers?
It should be running correctly. But the design resolution may be not very suitable for a mobile screen. What you have to do is to change your resolution to something like 320 * 480 or 480 * 320, it’s just suggestion, you can of course choose the resolution as you like.



Great,glad to hear it. I’m also learning CH5 since past month,really like it.
Current also develop some easy game project for it.:slight_smile:

Hope CH5 version will more ever better^^


Hi, St Goh

It will, :slight_smile: