How much effort to get a build to Android, from iOS

How much effort to get a build to Android, from iOS
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Hi, We’re working on a relatively simple yet rich (lots of art) 2D dress-up game in Cocos2dx.

We’re almost complete with building a version we’ve been building to and testing on iOS.

I haven’t yet come across many developers who’ve successfully built a game for both Android and iOS, so I’m very curious about what type of effort is going to be involved in building to Android once the iOS version is done ? Is ths typically in the range of 5, 10, 20, or 50% (? of the time required to build the first version ? Shouldn’t this be a relatively trivial task, aside from recreating art for different form factors and perhaps calling native SDKs like IAP, ads, or GameCenter ?

Looking for ballparks.

And, if you’re a team / studio with past experience publishing to both platforms, we’d love to hear from you)

Mahesh Khambadkone
Co-Founder and CTO - Games2win


We are developing a strategy game with quite a lot of features, including networking and I can say that in making the game run on IOS (since we built for win32 and Android primarily) most of the time was invested in actually setting up the project and a few native functions for url opening and ad system.

It’s true we aren’t using GameCenter or other platform specific third parties, but other than that it shouldn’t be any problem.

Regarding multi resolution support while developing we create at each win32 run a different size window from the supported devices resolution list. This forced us to have everything displaying good regardless of the device resolution.


One thing about Cocos2d-x is that the source files for both platforms are the same, meaning all changes I do on the iOS build gets reflected back on the Android build.
The only thing that took time was setting up the Ad Networks as they require separate code for Android (in Java) and iOS (in Obj-C).