how mature is cocos2d-x for making commercial games?

how mature is cocos2d-x for making commercial games?
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Hello all,
a new member here, first I would like to use the opportunity to send my felicitations to the people involved in cocos2d-x project.
This is what I was looking for making portable games for iOS and Android and testing in Windows!
I ran the iOS tests on an iPod Touch and it ran smoothly, I’m impressed.

So I’m wondering how stable is cocos2d-x to start developing commercial games?
We are planning to start developing games for iOS first but would not like to find some stopper bug after
the game gets involved on assets size and code complexity.

Is there something we must be aware? Please share with me your experience.
I see a list of games developed in the [games] pages, I don’t know if all of them have been developed using
cocos2d-x and the issues (if any) they faced.

I feel reluctant to program our games in Objective-C (even when we can mix it with C++), I would really prefer
using cocos2d-x than cocos2d.

Many thanks!


Welcome to cocos2d-x community!

About commercial games,
* Pocket Dinosaurs from KongZhong(NASDAQ:KONG) is convincing. The news is here
* Flowerz from ColorMe. This company is famous since its iphone game I am Destroyer & Miser Tiger
These two games haven’t been submit to the games pages by its developer yet. KongZhong & ColorMe are two ripe, successful company in China. Besides them, NetDragon(HK:00777) is using cocos2d-x to develop 3 multi-platform games. The libcurl integration in v0.8.3 is contributed by them.

It’s no hard to identify a cocos2d-x game on android. Download its .apk file, unzip, if you can see the & in lib/armeabi/ folder, that’s a cocos2d-x game.
Just like

Besides cocos2d-x, I think seldom people would write their game logic in c++ and compile to .so on android, especially bring a dynamic library named

There’re commercial cocos2d-x games on both android market, appstore and wophone store. Another truth is that, wophone of ChinaUnicom, our suponsor, has integrated cocos2d-x as the default game engine in its sdk, and 95% of wophone games are based on cocos2d-x engine.

We haven’t find any unacceptable bug in iphone/android port. And before the versions release, our full-time programers run the tests case by case.
And you can see history of this forum, any bug report here has been responsed rapidly in 2 workdays.


Hi Walzer, thanks for the information!

our focus right now is iOS, but with the popularization of android devices we also have an eye for this market.
We are a medium game studio: and we do flash and casual games.
We are entering (a bit late) to the mobile market so I’m scoping for tools to use,
by the way I’m already sold to use cocos2d-x :smiley:
I hope to be lurking here a lot.
Thanks for your hard work.


wow, is a company with 9 years’ history, and a long list of published games, a respectable company! While in China here, most mobile game companies have no more than 4 year’s history.