How, if at all, does iOS7 effect my development effort?

How, if at all, does iOS7 effect my development effort?
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Sorry for the stupid question but this kind of stuff stresses me out and it is hard to get straight answers.

I have been working on a game targeting iOS6 using Cocos2d-x v2.0.2 … Do I have to do anything regarding the release of iOS 7. Can I just continue as I have been and expect everything to work under the new version of the operating system?

If I upgrade the OS on my development iPad will my builds still work? And so forth…


Everything seems to be working here. You can update your AppDelegate to deal with the new default status bar, if that is a negative for your application. It often is for a game.

Obviously — the first rule of Apple application deployment is test the current OS!

Since the upgrade percent on Apple devices is usually very high, I assume our users will be on iOS very soon.


  • You don’t have to do anything
  • It all seems to work fine here
  • You better test your game
  • Upgrade at least one device ASAP


Did you upgrade to the new version of XCode? I am still using XCode 4.


Threads like this:

and posts like this in the bug tracker:

Confirm that many other people have upgraded XCode. Looks like we are good to go in v2.1.4+


Right … but I am using Cocos2d-x v2.0.2 and have not upgraded XCode.

What I am asking is if I don’t upgrade to XCode 5 and don’t switch versions of cocos2d-x but do upgrade my development iPad to iOS7, will I still be able to deploy builds to it without problems?

The point is is that I don’t need any features from iOS7 and don’t need any features from a higher version of cocos2d-x so I would like to not make unnecessary work for myself. I, for instance, would really like to not upgrade cocos2d-x right now because I have all of its source included in the project and thus checked into source control. If I upgrade cocos2d-x I will basically have to start an entirely new project with a new repository in source control, because I would imagine that this would end up being the easiest way to make the transition — would rather not do this, obviously.