How has Cocos2d-x helped you?


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to ask for forum posts to let the developers know how much their work is appreciated.

My personal story: I’ve dabbled with C and C++ at work for signal processing stuff, but never attempted to make a game, even though I’m a long time gamer. Last year, I started writing a game in XCode specifically for the iPhone, but was disappointed with the portability of the code. Cross platform is the future, so I gave up my code for a while after being disparaged with engine options. This last year, I stumbled across Cocos2d-x and was elated. Here is an engine that let’s me and my friends design a sprite based strategy game, distribute it across multiple platforms, and all for free! The documentation and examples are superb and they are responsive to posts asking for help.

Here’s a shout out to the developers and coders of Cocos2d-x. Thanks guys