how does tolua++ load a ccbi file works

how does tolua++ load a ccbi file works
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Hi, I read the testLua example and I have some questions:
In this cocos2d-x-2.1.4\samples\Lua\TestLua\Resources\luaScript\ExtensionTest\CocosBuilderTest.lua code :

local node = CCBReaderLoad(“cocosbuilderRes/ccb/ccb/TestParticleSystems.ccbi”,proxy,true,“TestParticleSystemsLayer”)
local layer = tolua.cast(node,“CCLayer”)
if nil =\ TestParticleSystemsLayer\ then
\ local\ ccLabelTTF\ =\ tolua.cast
\ if\ nil
= ccLabelTTF then

the var mTestTitleLabelTTF is where assign a value — 这个mTestTitleLabelTTF变量时什么时候被赋值的啊,代码看不懂啊
I didn’t see this var in ccb file


In the TestHeader.ccb file,you can find the mTestTitleLabelTTF which is Owner var.


I learned
Thank you