How do I use CCLabelBMFont()?

How do I use CCLabelBMFont()?
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label = CCLabelBMFont::create("Restart" ,"Arial.fnt");
label->setScale(0.1) ;
label->setPosition( ccp( winSize.width/2 , winSize.height*0.6)) ;
this->addChild(label) ;

Do I need to provide my own fonts?
Is there a built in default list of fonts that I can use?
Is “Arial.fnt” a default font?
If not, how are fonts made?

How do I find out this sort of info without asking on these boards?
I’ve read the header file and couldn’t find much aid.:frowning:


You need a FNT file along with the texture it uses. Try BMFont ( for Windows. Not sure about other OS, though. This tool will generate the FNT and PNG files you need for CCLabelBMFont. They must be in the same folder to work.